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Kawase festival


kawase_01 8 splendid kasaboko and Yatai floats are pulled around according to the rhythm of Chichibuyatai-bayashi, a festive music of Chichibu. Its climax the Mikoshi-cleansing ceremony is when the mikoshi (portable shrine) made of unpainted wood is thrown into the clear stream of Arakawa River.
DayJuly 19, 20
AreaChichibu City, Ogano Town
LocationChichibu City urban area

Ogano gion festival


As one of the tales of summer, it is held as the annual festival of Yasaka Jinja (shrine).
DayJuly Fourth Saturday and the day prior
AreaOgano Town
LocationYasaka Jinja (shrine)

Ameyakushi festival


IMG_5843 The Buddha of Healing worshipped at the grounds of this Jigen-ji (temple) is famous as the protector of the eyes. This festival flourishes with street stalls and lots of visitors every year. Because its timing corresponds to the rainy season, it is also called "Ameyakushi."
DayJuly 8
AreaChichibu City
LocationFudasho No.13 Jigen-ji (temple)

Musepark pool opening


musepark_pool_01 Why not create great memories of the summer at the Wave Pool or the Flowing Pool of the Chichibu Musepark that is rich in nature?
AreaChichibu City
LocationChichibu Musepark

Steam Locomotive – The Paleo Express


Steam Locomotive - The Paleo ExpressSince it began operation in 1988, this steam locomotive passing through the nature of Chichibu has been hugely popular. Running a route of approximately 56km from the Chichibu-Railway Kumagaya Station to Mitsumineguchi Station.
DayMarch to December
AreaChichibu citywide

River rafting


Enjoy river rafting through the rocks of Nagatoro, Chichibu, that has been designated as on of Japan's special natural monuments, for a tranquil, relaxing, and at times thrilling ride! Listen to the fun boatman's guide information as you river raft in Nagatoro, offering fun for everyone from young to old. The kotatsu (foot warmer) boat of the winter is really popular!
AreaNagatoro Town

Pilgrimage of three shrines in Chichibu (Chichibu Jinja (shrine), Mitsumine Jinja (shrine), Hodosan Jinja (shrine))


The Hodosan Jinja (shrine) where Yamatotakeru and the mountain dog legends remain, the Chichibu Jinja (shrine) of the Myoken faith famous for the Chichibu night festival and the Mitsumine Jinja (shrine) where gods are said to reside deep in the moutains, are together known as the "Three Shrines of Chichibu." Many people visit the shrines every year.
AreaChichibu City, Nagatoro Town
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