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Shijo school way of the knife


This is a solemn ceremony from the ancient dynasty days of Japan, and this demonstration of cooking without the use of hands and only the knife and chopsticks is very dignified.
DayLate March
AreaChichibu City
LocationChichibu Jinja (shrine)

Steam Locomotive – The Paleo Express


Steam Locomotive - The Paleo ExpressSince it began operation in 1988, this steam locomotive passing through the nature of Chichibu has been hugely popular. Running a route of approximately 56km from the Chichibu-Railway Kumagaya Station to Mitsumineguchi Station.
DayMarch to December
AreaChichibu citywide

Japanese plum


ume_01 Hodosan Mountain's Ume Hyakkaen (Hundred Plum Park) is known as the plum park with the most varieties in the Kanto region, offering roughly 170 different varieties.
DayLate February to late March
AreaChichibu City, Nagatoro Town

Strawberry picking


ichigo_01 Grown with the clean air and water of Chichibu, enjoy these rich-tasting strawberries from early spring on Chichibu Road.
DayEarly January to early May
AreaChichibu citywide

River rafting


Enjoy river rafting through the rocks of Nagatoro, Chichibu, that has been designated as on of Japan's special natural monuments, for a tranquil, relaxing, and at times thrilling ride! Listen to the fun boatman's guide information as you river raft in Nagatoro, offering fun for everyone from young to old. The kotatsu (foot warmer) boat of the winter is really popular!
AreaNagatoro Town

Pilgrimage of three shrines in Chichibu (Chichibu Jinja (shrine), Mitsumine Jinja (shrine), Hodosan Jinja (shrine))


The Hodosan Jinja (shrine) where Yamatotakeru and the mountain dog legends remain, the Chichibu Jinja (shrine) of the Myoken faith famous for the Chichibu night festival and the Mitsumine Jinja (shrine) where gods are said to reside deep in the moutains, are together known as the "Three Shrines of Chichibu." Many people visit the shrines every year.
AreaChichibu City, Nagatoro Town
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